so44 Development (Pre-Alpha)

Welcome to so44 development page. The software is under development, but a live demo of the pre-alpha is currently expected on 01.04.2011.
Keep holding your tongue here as so44 will be THE UNIQUE CMS. I've used a lot of CMS software, but nothing really gave me a sidekick. Of course, in the start it will look just like a normal CMS, but soon enough it will have it's unique features running.

IconsPedia has also given me permission to use the Weby Icons Pack. Looking forward to get you guys get a view of that! It's the most smooth icons I've found so far. I aslo use the Silk Icons 1.3 from FamFamFam.

This is preview pictures of the CMS. I will try to add a new picture weekly.
Images can be viewed here: Images Directory.

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Also read the README and COPYING.

Plugins which will be made:

Plugins which has been made: